Save Your Ring-Pulls For Us Please.

We, at Eastleigh Rotary, support a wonderful charity called the Philippine Community Fund. Educating children and training people for work, are just 2 of the worthwhile things this charity does. You can help, not by putting your hand in your pocket, though this helps too, but by saving all the ring-pulls from cans and giving them to us.ring pull bag

This is just one of the wonderful items they are used for. Bags, purses, jewellery – all can be made from ring-pulls. Silver ones are great and coloured ones even better. These items are then sold to locals and to shops abroad and the funds raised used to help even more children and families receive an education. With an education, anything is possible.

Please help. Christmas and New Year are coming and lots of cans will be opened throughout the celebrations. Please collect your ring-pulls and when you have enough and want to pass them to us, just contact us via this website.

Thank You.

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