5th Monday Dinner 30th October

Tony Trowsdale (from Rotary Club of Romsey Test) gave a highly entertaining and informative presentation to Eastleigh Rotary Club Evening Dinner held at the Concorde Club last Monday. His subject was Shelter Box, a disaster relief charity providing emergency shelter and vital aid to people affected by disaster worldwide. Talking to an audience swelled by visiting Rotarians from other local groups, Tony told how the charity was founded in 2000, is based in Cornwall and has grown to become an organisation which is regularly one of the first on the ground around the world. Shelter Box literally provides a strong plastic box containing a family sized tent, a water purification kit, solar lighting in a bag, cooking pots and utensils, tool kits including a folding shovel. Experience means that box contents can be modified to be relevant to the geography of the disaster area and reflect more on the needs of the people affected. Shelter Box personnel are mostly volunteers and collaborate with Rotary partners and various international associates around the world including the United Nations.


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