Visit to Clanfield Observatory

Last  Tuesday evening 14 of us visited the Clanfield Observatory.  Unfortunately the night sky was obscured by cloud so direct visual observations were not possible. We were given a tour of two of the Club’s observation domes, one of which housed a 100 hundred year old    7 inch telescope ( on loan from the Royal Navy ) with the second dome containing a very modern 24 inch telescope linked to a computerised system enabling extensive investigation (and photography) of the solar system.  Back in the clubhouse we were given an insight into the many activities of the group including private and public visits, presentations to schools and direct involvement with students from Portsmouth University.  An introductory  presentation on ‘Exoplanets’ generated many questions from Rotarians (both specific and general) highlighting the knowledge and dedication of the Clanfield group of astronomers.

Many thanks must also be given to Glenda and Mike who invited us into their home for pre-visit food and drinks.  It was a wonderful hot and cold buffet without which I very much doubt we would have survived the cold of the night.

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