5th Monday Dinner 30th October

Tony Trowsdale (from Rotary Club of Romsey Test) gave a highly entertaining and informative presentation to Eastleigh Rotary Club Evening Dinner held at the Concorde Club last Monday. His subject was Shelter Box, a disaster relief charity providing emergency shelter and vital aid to people affected by disaster worldwide. Talking to an audience swelled by visiting Rotarians from other local groups, Tony told how the charity was founded in 2000, is based in Cornwall and has grown to become an organisation which is regularly one of the first on the ground around the world. Shelter Box literally provides a strong plastic box containing a family sized tent, a water purification kit, solar lighting in a bag, cooking pots and utensils, tool kits including a folding shovel. Experience means that box contents can be modified to be relevant to the geography of the disaster area and reflect more on the needs of the people affected. Shelter Box personnel are mostly volunteers and collaborate with Rotary partners and various international associates around the world including the United Nations.


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Planting Purple Crocuses for Polio

We spent this morning planting 5,000 purple crocuses as part of World Polio Day. A big thank you to everyone who helped and the great help we got from Eastleigh Borough Council – thanks Paul and Ali.
Rotary has been heavily involved over the years with eradicating polio and has raised millions of pounds from around the world for this cause. For every dollar we have raised Bill Gates has given $2! We are very nearly there and whereas 15-20 years ago there were hundreds and thousands of case of polio we are now down to less than 11 this year. Over 2.5 billion children have been vaccinated thanks to the help of Rotary

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Talk from Charlotte Stamp, Alzheimer’s Society

Charlotte Stamp – Community Fund Raiser for the Alzheimer’s Society in Hampshire – gave a very interesting presentation at our Monday Lunch. She immediately dismissed the belief that Alzheimer’s was a normal outcome of the aging process to inform us that it is a disease of the brain which can develop in various ways including through brain injury. There are approx. 850,000 sufferers in the U.K. with approx. 25,000 in Hampshire. Apparently 1 in 20 persons under 65 years of age will suffer from this illness in some form. Charlotte expanded on the work of the Society which offered support to sufferers and their families, worked to make society more aware of the condition and leading research into finding a cure.

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RYLA Students Talk

At the Monday evening meeting two Barton Peveril College students – Alice and Amana – gave a well structured feedback presentation on their time at Avon Tyrell. They were part of around 60 young people participating in a programme designed to help develop Leadership Skills. Using visual aids they told of some of the activities they engaged in such as problem solving in a group, raft building, trust walking, climbing on low ropes. They explored what makes a good leader and how to achieve outcomes using good teamwork. Communication skills (and recognising the barriers to) were also a key part of the programme. Both Alice and Amana said they had gained new confidence in themselves, made new friends and most of all had fun. They were very complimentary to the friendly staff and would recommend the experience to any other young people. Martin presented both young ladies with a Certificate recognising their achievements.


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CSR Awards at District Conference

Awards presentations from left to right, Val Down, Rob Dewing, Wendy Martin-Green and Roger Dean

We were delighted when Wendy Martin-Green, Executive Chairperson at Peter Green Furnishings, and Rob Dewing, Director, Notherwood Systems received their Corporate Responsibility Awards at the District 1110 Rotary Conference.

Wendy, a Rotarian of The Rotary Club of Eastleigh, encourages our club to have a stall at the open days in the Chandlers Ford showroom which helps us to maintain our local community profile. It also assists us with the opportunity for fund raising.

Rob Dewing, owner of Northerwood, a company that develops websites for businesses and has worked with Eastleigh club for a number of years. Apart from Rob’s talent with computer development, he likes to get his “hands dirty” by regularly helping out at club events such as the Eastleigh 10k,  Concorde Classic Car Show and Swan Centre Collections.

Many congratulations to Wendy and Rob

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Rotary District 1110 Conference

Over 200 Rotarians, from across the District, attended the Conference. Rotarian Wendy Martin from our Club gave a talk on how her father, Peter Green, started the furniture business in Eastleigh with £150 in his pocket and built it up to one of the largest showrooms in the South of England.

Peter Green was an active Rotarian and was very community minded – a characteristic that Wendy has carried on to this day. Great talk Wendy and thanks from the Club

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Claire Johns from Fare Share came to our lunch meeting and gave a talk on the work her charity. This is a national charity which obtains unwanted / surplus food from such organisations as Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, Kelloggs, Nestle, Coca Cola, etc. and then distributes it in the local community to such groups as food banks, cooking centres, homeless hostels, women’s refuges, breakfast clubs, youth clubs and senior lunch clubs. None of the food has been on retail sale and comes direct from supermarket distribution centres. It is estimated that the U.K. food sector generates 4 million tonnes of food waste each year while there are 5 million people living in poverty in the U.K. Claire has managed the Southern Central region since its inception in April 2014 and operates three vans, distributing food around Hampshire. She is ably assisted by many volunteers as well as giving work experience opportunities to those seeking employment. Rotary of Eastleigh benefited from Fare Share’s assistance at last year’s Christmas Carol Concert and Martin presented Claire with a cheque for £250 in support of their valuable work. In turn Claire extended an invitation to Rotarians to visit the distribution depot based in Southampton

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Collection for Hurricane Irma Appeal

Last Saturday, at the new Marks and Spencer Food Hall in Eastleigh, we collected £176 for the Hurricane IRMA Appeal. This money will go towards buying the two ShelterBoxes that Eastleigh Rotary Club are donating to the appeal. These boxes will be sent to the Caribbean Islands where so many people have lost their homes and livelihoods.

Thousands of people have been made homeless in the wake of  Hurricane Irma – and there are other hurricanes on the way. The ShelterBox provides emergency shelter (tent) and tools for families deprived of their homes by disasters such as Hurricane Irma. There aim is to transform despair into hope.

Rotary International is a project partner with ShelterBox, a UK charity. By working together with Rotary, ShelterBox are able to collaborate and combine resources to ensure that they can support more communities in desperate need of shelter.

Rotarians and Rotary groups across the world support ShelterBox  in a variety of ways, from raising funds to providing support on the ground during our response to a disaster. This enables us to cross boundaries and cut through red tape to reach even the most remote communities.

This partnership has helped ShelterBox to become who they are today. The global network of ShelterBox affiliates, which provides all round assistance, evolved from Rotary relationships.



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Classic Car Show 2017

2017 Classic Car Show

Rotary Club of Eastleigh help at the Classic Car Show at the Concorde Club. Despite the weather the Club had a great day helping to raise money for Naomi House and Jacksplace by marshalling the many car parks for the show. Many thanks to all our volunteers and next year will be dry – I promise!

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Save Your Ring-Pulls For Us Please.

We, at Eastleigh Rotary, support a wonderful charity called the Philippine Community Fund. Educating children and training people for work, are just 2 of the worthwhile things this charity does. You can help, not by putting your hand in your pocket, though this helps too, but by saving all the ring-pulls from cans and giving them to us.ring pull bag

This is just one of the wonderful items they are used for. Bags, purses, jewellery – all can be made from ring-pulls. Silver ones are great and coloured ones even better. These items are then sold to locals and to shops abroad and the funds raised used to help even more children and families receive an education. With an education, anything is possible.

Please help. Christmas and New Year are coming and lots of cans will be opened throughout the celebrations. Please collect your ring-pulls and when you have enough and want to pass them to us, just contact us via this website.

Thank You.

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