Young Writer

Young Writer Competition 2014/2015.

This competition aims to encourage young people to:Young Writer1

  • Use their writing skills
  • Write with imagination and creativity

Who can take part?

This competition is open to students in full time education in 3 age groups:

  • Junior 7 to 10 years old
  • Intermediate 11 to 13 years old
  • Senior 14 to 17 years old

With the age qualifying date of 31st August 2014, it should be noted that some junior entrants may be 11, intermediate entrants 14 and senior entrants 18 at the time of the competition. Competitors must include their date of birth on the entry form.

For entrants with motor control difficulties, an amanuensis may be used to record entrants work to paper.

Students should enter the competition organised by Eastleigh Rotary Club individually or through their school, college or other organisation.

Young Writer 2

Entries will be limited to 500 words maximum – an online entry form is available here – closing date 27 April 2015

A letter and information pack will be sent to schools in February.